Meeting of the Friends of the Flexaret

Meeting of the Friends of the Flexaret

On 12th May 2018 the fourth meeting of Czech fans of the Flexaret cameras was held in Hradec Králové. More than 30 Flexaret enthusiasts (and their Flexaret cameras) took part. The event was sponsored by Foma films, so everyone got a couple of rolls of film, and there was no excuse to not waste some of it.

We started out with a photo walk in the city –  Hradec is justly famous for its modernist architecture – and continued to a bar for beer stories and swapping of secret developer formulas.

A fun fact is that the second party in our venue was a meeting of Baby Reborn life like dolls (they were actually rater death like, as they lay there silent and still). Such company made us – fans of analog photography – feel almost mainstream.

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  1. Ramón Menéndez-Manjón Sancho-Miñano

    Mi primera cámara de fotos fue una FLEXARET, que había comprado mi padre en su juventud.
    Hice muchos rollos, en blanco y en negro, en color y diapositivas.
    Los conservo, también los que mi padre nos hacía.
    Yo no tengo esa cámara. Veo que hoy se siguen vendiendo y por Internet he conocido vuestra agrupación.
    Un saludo desde Oviedo, España.

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